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Sam, FC AFC Marjo's Sam I Am 

UT 204 Prize1

(FC AFC Marjo's Red Rum X Elysa Allie Baba )

Sam is my do it all dog. We NAVHDA trained for his first 5 years and hunted upland birds. At 5 years old we entered our first field trial and we got hooked. He is strong, biddable, independent and smart at all the right times. Thanks Marjo's for my best friend.  

Mark Dreyfus


(NGDC FC AFC Hit's for Pete's Sake  X FC AFC Marjo's Cruzan Rovan )

Roxy is a high energy bird dog, hunts with the best of them on wild birds in Texas, she stays up with and passes pointers and setters.  Very independent with high prey drive.  She is a natural retriever and wants to please, has great range, adapts to the terrain and always checks in.  She points and holds wild quail in Texas in some of the toughest terrain, she responds to training and has been a pleasure to be around.  Very pleasant and compatible with other dogs and is one of the great joys in my life.

A. W. Short, Jr.

Otis, AFC Marjo's Son of Sam

NA 112 Prize 1

(AFC Marjo's Sam I Am X Marjo's Magic Trick CGC)

Otis is my first dog I trained. I wanted him since the day he was born. I did not have much confidence at first being a trainer, but once we were succesful, I got hooked and love it. We enjoy field trials, hunting and NAVHDA. Thanks Marjo's for a great first dog. 

Charlie Dreyfus 


(NGDC FC AFC Hit's All Jack'd Up X Penelope Sioux )

He is the most lovable and loyal dog we have ever had. He is known as the Mayor of our small town because he loves all people and every dog!

Colleen Gibney

Simi, MACH5 PACH2 Marjo's Demon In The Ruff MXS2 MJG2 MXP8 MXPG MJP7 MJPS PAX2 MFS TQX T2B2

(FC AFC Marjo's Red Rum X Elysa Allie Baba )

Simi and I have been competing in agility since 2010. In 2015 she was High in Trial in Agility at the Summer Specialty in Maine. She has been to AKC Nationals 5 times - qualified 6 times and AKC Invitationals 5 times--In 2014 she came in 4th place in finals in the 20 inch class. In 2016 she won the 20 inch class. She lives to play ball, loving to run as fast as she can after it until I make her stop. She is a dream come true.

Janice Barkby Brunner

Colbie, Marjo's Colbie Coulter

GFC FC Marjo's Johnnie Walker  X Marjo's All Twisted Up Tori)

Colbie is an absolute joy to be around. She serves the purpose as an extremely athletic hunting dog and also a gentile pet at home. She is very good with children and knows how to compress her energy until the time is needed. Colbie is a natural hunter and a absolutely amazing dog over all. I couldn't ask for a better friend/ hunting partner!

Lenny Coulter

Eden, Marjo's One Shot in Paradise

(FC AFC Marjo's Red Rum X Marjo's Fly Honey Bella )

Eden spent last season in Texas on wild birds with Ronnie Smith and spent time with Mo Lindley who put the finishing touches on her training. She is currently excelling as my personal hunting dog. She is snappy on the ground and very animated. Eden is a Lady in the home and loves the kids.

Doug Welsh


Roux, Marjo's Never Roux The Day OA OAJ ACT2

(GFC FC Marjo's Johnnie Walker X Marjo's Abracadabra )

    Roux was a Blue-Ribbon Agility Dog since her early years......we just didn't know it.
   Marjo's Never Roux the Day is a very small Brittany.  High energy, intelligent, and eager-to-please (as the breed is known for), she also exhibits cat-like reflexes and grace.  She leaps into window sills and balances easily, to keep an eye on the neighborhood.  She walks onto the deck rail from the patio table, and sits and watches the backyard.
   When Roux was four, Michelle enrolled in an agility training program that taught both the dog and the handler.  Roux took to it readily, as it gave her focus and reinforced the bond between dog and handler.  Although older than the average learning dog, Roux's age helped in that elements of basic training were already well-established.  Tunnels, jumps, A-frames, weaves - some were easier to learn than others, but Roux took to them all.
    Fast-forward 18 months, and Roux and Michelle continue their path toward her Master Agility Champion Title.  She is seen here with her collection of ribbons from agility trials of the past few months.

Michelle Schulz

Penny, Copper Penny Heads Up NA 112 Prize 1

(FC Marjo's Magic Bullet of Hope X Marjo's Party in the USA )

    I am bird hunter and was a the point where I wanted a pup that I could train and have a fun field experience watching her develop into a bird dog and hunting companion. Of course she needed to be a lovable family pet. 

    When Penny  our playful puppy was old enough to follow me in the hunting field, Penny found her first Pheasant at 5 months. Amazed and delighted, at 6 months I was hunting her and shot a dozen quail over her.  

After the hunting season I started to train more seriously. I had entered her in Field Trials and NAVHDA Natural Ability test for fun. She had two 2nd place and a 1st place finish in the AKC Amateur Derby stakes as well as a Prize one max score in the Natural Ability test for NAVHDA. 

    We just finished our 2nd hunting season and I have shot 100 plus birds over her. 

She has been my dream dog and am looking forward to making more happy memories in the field and with the family with our Penny

Ralph Di Iorio

Petey, NGDC FC AFC Hit's For Pete's Sake

(Hit's a boy named Sioux  X FC AFC Marjo's Spirit of Hybrittin  )

Belle, Black Magic Belle of the Ball UT Prize 1 Max Score 

(FC Marjo's Magic Bullet of Hope  X CH Marjo's Party like a Rockstar JH  )

Tucker, Marjo's Tuck of the Irish UT Prize 1

(FC AFC Marjo's Red Rum  X Teela4)

Wanda, Marjo's Magic Wand Prize 1 NA  

(FC Marjo's Magic Bullet of Hope  X  Marjo's Party in the USA)

Gracie, FC AFC Cada's Mazing Racy Gracie

(Marjo's Shazam  X FC AFC Marjo's Here for the Party  )

Haley, GFC FC AFC Marjo's Leftover

(FC AFC Marjo's Red Rum X Elysa Allie Baba )

Brie, FC AFC  Marjo's Fille De La Bretagne  

(NGDC FC AFC Hit's For Pete's Sake X FC AFC Marjo's Cruzan Rovan)
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